Yes! Casa Italiana has ADA access, making its coffee, pastries, historic displays and event spaces accessible to all.

At the main entry door to Casa (southwest corner of the building), one finds steps up to and inside the lobby. It wasn’t clear, however, that there was also an ADA access ramp at the north door into the building. Casa recently installed signs showing that if you continue around to the right of the front door (to the east, and then north) you’ll find a full ramp for entry. It will bring you right into the main hallway, to Casa Caffè. There’s plenty of parking at the north, too.

When Casa Italiana bought this building, we inherited the building’s limitations. But with all of our remodeling plans, we keep full accessibility in mind. We even have an elevator planned, for access to the upstairs gathering hall.

So come join us. We’ve got north and south doors for your entry. We look forward to seeing you.