Casa Italiana – Italian Cultural Center Food Drive Recap:
Good Times while Doing a Good Thing

By Martin Nigrelle

Huge thanks go out to the community! The weekend of February 20th & 21st, Casa sponsored their first ever food drive in support of three local food banks. $65.00 Cash and over 4 pallets of food were collected! The conservative estimate is that the food donated was worth around $1,200.00.

Donation Recipients

The donations will be split between these three food banks in the area:

The whole event could not have happened without the participation of the volunteers. Without their time & effort, this event would not have happened.

Old Home Week

The days were also filled with some of the donors taking tours of the facility, masks on and socially-distanced of course. For those working the event, it sometimes felt like “old home week”, getting a chance to see and converse with friends and community members we haven’t seen for weeks or months because of COVID.

Next Up

Next up for Casa Italiana: Casa Caffè will be opening on Saturday March 13th, 2021. More info to come on the art of a good crema in the cup and serving a socially-distanced latte or macchiato.