Short Deadline! Call for Artists in the area, Garfield Pillars of Promise Project, DEADLINE EXTENDED – September 19th, 2023.

The Garfield Super Block Coalition (GSB) is seeking seven artists to create seven separate pillars, and one collaborative pillar to tell the stories of the seven ethnic communities that settled in the Central District from 1800 to 1975. The pillars will be fabricated by a third party for the Garfield Super Block site.

Theme: Collective Memory

The heart of the GSB Art Plan is the Legacy and Promise Promenade, which will feature the seven artworks known as the “Pillars of Promise,” to commemorate the seven cultures that existed in the Central District prior to its official redlining and will contribute to the creation of a unique identity for the park as a welcoming and educational place for those who live, play, and work in the area. The pillar locations are currently designated on the Garfield Super Block Campus as encircled items A1 to A7 of the site plan below and will exist permanently at Garfield Park. These artworks will be created by an artist from each of the seven cultures; Black/African American, Chinese, Duwamish, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, and Jewish people.

Additionally, the artists will have the opportunity to collaborate on a single seven-sided pillar (e.g. a heptagonal shape when looked at plan-view), with each artist designing one side. This pillar will have a solar/light function.

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